The Greenwich Millennium Embroideries
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Celtic & Roman Saxon & Viking Medieval Tudor Stuart Georgian Victorian 20th Century Golden Jubilee
This breathtaking work was commissioned by Greenwich Borough Museum in 1998 to commemorate the Millennium by way of an educational resource for history and handicraft.

Being the Borough which gave its name to time itself, and the place where the Western and Eastern Hemispheres meet, Greenwich was an obvious world focus of the year 2000 Millennium celebrations.
And the controversial Millennium Dome drew the attention of the World to our borough.

A highly talented local group of 37 women and one man(!), who ranged from skilled embroiderers to total novices, devised, designed, and hand-crafted literally millions of stitches, investing thousands of hours over a period of four years to create a huge work depicting people, places and events in the historic borough of Greenwich from the year 0 to the year 2000AD.

This was no small project. The eight panels together are nearly 29 feet long and 4ft 6in high - about 9m by 1.4m. That's big.

Perhaps this true-to-scale simulation gives you a better idea of the size. Each panel is wider than a doorway and almost as high.

The first seven Embroideries were completed by 2000 and met with huge acclaim, winning prizes in national competitions. At displays, the public was asked to suggest items for inclusion on the 20th Century panel, which was completed during 2001.

After a delay of about eight years - nothing when compared with 2000 years - the Embroideries are now on full public display at the Greenwich Heritage Centre in the Royal Arsenal.

They have been joined by a complementary embroidery celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002 and it is expected that a further panel will be created by textile students after Greenwich's participation as an Olympic venue in 2012.

The announcement that Greenwich will become a Royal Borough in 2012 is testament to the importance of this borough - and adds yet another event to be celebrated.

Time starts in Greenwich - and never stops. Neither does the history of Greenwich.

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