The Greenwich Millennium Embroideries
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Celtic & Roman Saxon & Viking Medieval Tudor Stuart Georgian Victorian 20th Century Golden Jubilee
The Celtic and Roman Panel
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The Central Panel

  1. A Roman Galley
  2. Celt in a coracle
  3. A fenced Celtic village with round huts and a fence around it
  4. Celtic woman weaving
  5. Celts hunting wild boar and deer in the forest
  6. Building a Roman road – a Roman engineer uses a theodolite
  7. Roman building and Roman ladies in Greenwich Park
  8. Plants and animals introduced by the Romans
  9. Roman Legionaries and Centurion
  10. Roman standard and soldier with shield

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The Border Panels


Christian symbols

Lamb from Lesnes Abbey Missal

Star of David

Trinity from St. Luke’s Church



Holy Spirit


The Cross

Fountain from Ravenna mosaics


Roman Standard

Celtic Cross


Celtic Shield

Roman oil lamp

Roman/Celtic pottery

Roman coin – Britannia