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The Queen's House, the Royal Observatory and Royal Naval College hold pride of place in the centre of the panel, surrounded by trees, grass and flowers of Greenwich Park.

The sailing ships 'Cutty Sark', and' Gypsy Moth II' are included and HM Queen dubbing Frances Chichester, knight on the banks of the Thames.

The Royal Artillery Barrack gate on the Parade, commemorates the number of times the Queen has dined with the Royal Artillery, and the RA Badge marks the opening of 'Firepower' the Royal Artillery museum.

The Opening of the Thames Barrier is commemorated, as well as the reopening of the National Maritime Museum, and the official opening of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Woolwich Common.

Prince Philip is shown planting the new 'Queen Elizabeth oak' in Greenwich Park - this is to replace the Queen Elizabeth I oak, which is still in the park, but not in good condition. The new oak is a sapling grown from an acorn of the original tree.

The London Borough of Greenwich is so green an area that much of the space left on the panel is filled with trees, shrubs, flowers and grass. These are some of the pieces, which were left over from the Millennium embroideries - we could not bear to leave them unused.

Each picture has a small white embroidered label telling the date of the occasion depicted and, linking all the pieces are strings of red, white and blue bunting, adding a festive look to the whole panel.