The Greenwich Millennium Embroideries
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Celtic & Roman Saxon & Viking Medieval Tudor Stuart Georgian Victorian 20th Century Golden Jubilee
The Medieval Panel
The Central Panel

  1. The enclosure of Greenwich Park; Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester and brother of Henry V, enclosed the Park, stocked it with deer and built a tower where the Observatory now stands
  2. A Plantagenet ship sets off for France during the Hundred Years War
  3. Transport to and from London was mainly by river; two boats are carrying goods
  4. Sir Richard de Lucy, founder of Lesnes Abbey kneels by the abbey where a monk is illuminating the Lesnes Abbey Missal
  5. Noblewomen joined the men at archery.
  6. Chaucer was a 'Commissioner for Walls and Fences' responsible for draining the marshes between Greenwich and Woolwich.
  7. Hunting with hawks and dogs.
  8. Five pilgrims from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
  9. A medieval farm and bullock cart.
  10. Wat Tyler and the Peasants' Revolt on Blackheath.
  11. Eltham, a medieval palace of the Plantagenet kings whose portraits appear above it. Below is the Moatbridge.
  12. A woman spinning wool.
  13. A medieval garden.

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The Border Panels


Fleur de lys coat of arms

Jewelled brooch


Chaucer's coat of arms

A wimple head-dress

Pilgrim's scallop shell

Cooking pot

The Green Man

The Plantagenet coat of arms

A buckle

The de Lucy coat of arms

A jug and a shoe

Broom flower - a plantagenet badge

Musical instrument - rebec and bow

Lesnes Abbey tile

Pilgrim badge