The Greenwich Millennium Embroideries
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Celtic & Roman Saxon & Viking Medieval Tudor Stuart Georgian Victorian 20th Century Golden Jubilee
The Stuart Panel
The Central Panel

  1. View of the Fire of London from Greenwich
  2. Shipping on the Thames
  3. The Sovereign of the Seas with Samuel Pepys and the shipbuilder Peter Pett in front
  4. A rope maker in front of the rope yard at Woolwich
  5. Starting to build the Royal Hospital (the Royal Naval College)
  6. Trinity Hospital almshouses
  7. The Queen’s House
  8. Le Notre’s plan for Greenwich Park. The seated figure is Inigo Jones. The Portraits are of James I with Anne of Denmark and Charles I with Henrietta Maria
  9. The Royal Observatory with Flamestead, the first Astronomer Royal, and Sir Christopher Wren
  10. Plague victims at Combe Farm are being buried (mentioned in Samuel Pepys’ Diary)
  11. St Luke’s Church, Charlton.
  12. Horn Fair at Charlton. A ‘rude band’ leads the masked procession
  13. A Puritan family
The Border Panels


Sir Adam Newton’s Coat of Arms

Tile from a house in Park Vista

Dark Lantern

The Tulip Staircase in the Queen’s House

Linenfold panelling

Pepys’ Coat of Arms


Strapwork from a ceiling in Charlton House

Shoe from a portrait in Ranger’s House

Isaac Newton’s telescope

  1. The Presbytery, Crooms Hill
  2. The Gazebo, Crooms Hill. In front on the left is a plague doctor and on the right Sir William Hooker, Lord Mayor of London, saves a child from the plague
  3. The young prince plays golf on Blackheath
  4. Charlton House and mulberry tree.
  5. Sir Henry Newton and his family parting because of civil war
  6. A Stuart family, boy with kite, girl with horn book and toddler in walking frame
  7. Eltham Lodge and garden in contemporary style of embroidery
  8. Horse and cart

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Roundhead helmet

Clay pipe and tobacco pouch*

Woolwich penny Right
Musket and powder pouch

Deer from contemporary embroidery

Design on pottery used for the Borough Museum logo