The Greenwich Millennium Embroideries
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Celtic & Roman Saxon & Viking Medieval Tudor Stuart Georgian Victorian 20th Century Golden Jubilee
The Victorian Panel
The Central Panel

  1. Hot Air Balloon
  2. A Thames barge
  3. The ‘Dreadnought’ being towed by a paddle tug
  4. The ‘Samuel Enderby’ whaling ship
  5. The Woolwich Ferry
  6. A prison hulk
  7. The ‘Princess Alice’ disaster
  8. The East Greenwich Peninsula:
    - Blackwall Tunnel
    - The gas works
    - Coiling cable for the Atlantic telegraph at Enderby Wharf
  9. Flower seller and artisan cottages
  10. The Trafalgar Tavern famous for its whitebait suppers
  11. Chimney sweep*
  12. The Beresford Gate
  13. Arsenal Football Club
  14. Greenwich station and its first railway engine
  15. Match seller*
  16. Photographer
  17. Greenwich Union Workhouse
  18. The Royal Herbert Hospital and Florence Nightingale
  19. Dr. Rice, the Afro-American doctor who trained with Lister and worked at the Plumstead Union Workhouse
  20. The Royal Arsenal Cooperative Society store and Alexander McLeod

  21. Gladstone, M P for Greenwich, at the hustings
  22. Gas street lamp and drinking fountain*
  23. Hay cart and horse drinking from water trough
  24. Early Board school (Woodhill) and school children
  25. Grimaldi, the famous clown
  26. Tom Cribb, the bare knuckle boxer
  27. Michael Faraday and the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich where he taught
  28. General Gordon
  29. Sunbury St. Fire Station at Woolwich and Merryweather’s fire engine
  30. Observatory building, Greenwich Park
  31. Fair on Blackheath, carousel and donkey rides
  32. Early post box set in wall
  33. Horse drawn omnibus
  34. Blackheath Rugby Football Club
  35. Combe Farm, the Roberts family and a traction engine

  36. E Nesbitt rowing on the moat of her home at Eltham Well Hall
  37. A hansom cab
  38. The Paragon
  39. St. Michael’s Church, Blackheath
  40. John Stuart Mill, the philosopher, and his step-daughter Helen Taylor, who was proposed as a Parliamentary Candidate long before women had the vote
  41. Blackheath Concert Hall
  42. Bicycles – penny farthing and lady in bloomers
  43. Croquet players
  44. Avery Hill conservatory
    1. (*Spurgeon Collection)
The Border Panels
Left Right
Greenwich Coat of Arms

Time ball on Greenwich Observatory

Early flat iron

A corset

Noah’s Ark

Top hat

Copper jelly mould

Coal hole cover
Woolwich Coat of Arms

Sewing machine

Aspidistra plant

Poke bonnet

Victorian Tile

Policeman’s bull’s eye lamp

Bun Penny

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